Offshore Bank Accounts And The Latest Irs Hiring Spree

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If you set up a trust with real money in it - in an offshore jurisdiction - but you don't control it, you're a fool. I hope you see the rock and hard place set up.

The point of the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program is to go after people who have been ignoring the rules and failing to report the money in their amazing strategies. So, they're not just focused on who's breaking the law right now. Instead, they're looking for anyone and everyone who has taken advantage of the system -- even if it was a few years ago.

Well, to say the least, offshore banking has immense potential. If you're one of those who change job or the city quite frequently, then this perhaps fits your bill the best. You can keep your bank constant even if you're on the move. Wherever you go, you will always have an access to your money and your bank account through offshore banking. If you use any specific bank in one country, you may find it difficult to access your money abroad or may have to unwillingly pay charges on every transaction. You may also not be able to reach your account in some countries. offshore banking takes care of all these and ensures your money anytime anywhere.

Wire transfers will most likely be your main course of sending money back and forth. Depending on how much money moving you anticipate for your investing needs, these wire charges can add up really quickly. For this reason, be on the lookout for offshore banks that offer reasonable rates for them.

If they require 128 bit encryption, they will tell you in your banking documents, so it is easy to determine. It is even easier to ensure that they are using SSL encryption. When you go to your banking site, look in the address bar of your browser. The address of your account should be preceded with "https". Not "http". In addition, you should have a small picture of a closed padlock either in your address bar, or your status bar.

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